Shout out for guts and charm

Shout out for charm and guts.jpg

Last Sunday I met a young woman, Christina DeCuffa, who has recently started a business. She was one of many artists who opened their studio or gallery space to the public in the St. Paul Art Crawl, a weekend of coordinated open-houses at artists studios and galleries throughout St. Paul. Her business is called The Blushing Room. She designs wedding dresses, including custom designed gowns, plus provides hair and make-up services. In her loft studio, brides and their attendants can come the day of the wedding to get ready together, take pictures, and relax. This post isn't really meant to be an advertisement for her business—although if business comes her way because of this post, wonderful!—but more of a shout out for guts and charm. Christina was lovely and I wish her much success.