So grateful to Byron Borger at Hearts & Minds Books for this review of Finding Livelihood

So Grateful to Byron Borger.jpg

I am bursting with gratitude for a review of Finding Livelihood by Byron Borger at Hearts & Minds Books. Borger is a huge champion of books, and last week he chose to champion mine. The review of this book about work was timely, just at the start of the Labor Day weekend, and so generous. Plus it was appropriately paired with a review of Invisibles: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the Workplace, a book by David Zweig just out in paperback.

Here's a piece of what he said. Adding this now, I'm nearly blushing, and when I first read it, seated in a corner cafe in Brooklyn, where we were last week, I could barely swallow my lunch.

"Finding Livelihood is not at all common, it is beyond uncommon. It is not just good. It is nothing short of extraordinary and I doubt if you have ever read a book quite like it. It is wise, thoughtful, literary, poetic, full of stories - stories that are often exceptionally mundane but made exceptionally meaningful by Nancy Nordenson's extraordinary prose."

You can read the rest of the review here.

The writing of a book, at least for me, is done privately and with fear and trembling. To have someone see it and cheer it when it finally emerges is such a gift.

Grateful, so grateful.


[Photo: taken of street in Red Hook section of Brooklyn.]