Soul as workplace bridge


In the Celtic Prayer Book, Aidan Clarke wrote that the soul is like a bridge, "bear[ing] the weight and accept[ing] the contradictions of the two-way flow between God and the world." I like this metaphor of the soul as a bridge and have been thinking about it in relation to one's work. I’ve always thought that God wanted his people to saturate the world, all industries, all domains. Here in the pool business. Here in the advertising industry. Here at an arts center, at a hospital.  God's bridges everywhere—God to world, world to God. But there's a catch to the world flowing over your bridge-like soul. Back to the Clarke passage: this travel over and across one’s soul does damage; repair is done through prayer. How can the bridge stand, how can it bear the weight, except through prayer. It's not so hard to think of bearing weight for family and friends, but what about bearing weight for an employer, a client, a customer?


[Photo: taken of a bridge I know. ]