Starting again

Starting again.jpg


Just over a year ago, I closed this blog. About six months later I began to miss it and so started playing around with new blog options on other blog platforms. More importantly, though, I'm back where I started because I missed the body of work that's been growing here, slowly, since 2004, and also the readers who know the way here.

For those of you who are here for the first time, here's a snapshot about me. By day I'm a freelance medical writer. After hours, which I'm loosely interpreting here as early mornings or late evenings or weekends or other cracks of random time, I do another kind of work: creative writing, spiritual writing, essaying. I don't think of it as a hobby I play around at, or a craft that I've mastered, but rather a spiritual vocation that I practice imperfectly. Just a couple weeks ago I signed a contract for a book manuscript I've been working on for a number of years and nearly two weeks ago my son and beautiful new daughter-in-law said "I do," so it's a good time for me to start something new even if it is by returning to something old.

I'll keep the same general pattern of posting a bit of an eclectic mix to this site but will try to add more process notes and thoughts arising from those creative after hours than I've done in the past. I hope you will find the posts here useful or enjoyable, and at times both. I hope they provide camaraderie for your own creative and spiritual life.