"The Church Cook" cooks from "The Spirit of Food"

The Church Cook cooks from The Spirit of Food.jpg

Kay Heritage is a former professional caterer turned church cook who writes about food at her blog, The Church Cook. Back in October she started working her way through the recipes in The Spirit of Food and posts gorgeous pictures and process notes. So far, she's featured 7 of the book's 31 recipes, the latest being cornbread from the essay "The Soul of Soul Food" by Jacqueline Rhodes. Heritage is not taking the recipes in order so there's no telling when she'll get to my Swedish pancakes and Lingonberries. I just  subscribed to her newsfeed so that I won't miss coverage of any of the recipes. Use this link to find The Spirit of Food recipes currently on her blog.

[Note: The picture is courtesy of Kay Heritage at The Church Cook and features Margaret Hathaway's Sweet Challah Bread from her essay, "For a Sweet New Year."]