The internet neighborhood: Part 2

The internet neighborhood- Part 2.jpg

Last Friday I highlighted two new websites/blogs from friends of mine and today I'll add several more to the internet neighborhood list. The people mentioned here and last week are friends and colleagues that I am so happy to know from the Seattle Pacific MFA program.

Cathy Warner is a former minister and now a full-time writer and workshop leader. She and her husband just moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington, where they are remodeling their new home to include a writer’s retreat suite that will be available this summer. How cool is that?! Cathy writes fiction and nonfiction, and leads writing workshops called “Holy Ink” (I love that name and wish I’d thought of it first). She’s recently started a blog about this new phase of midlife, “This or Better.” Just this month, Cathy took over from Greg Wolfe as editor of the "Good Letters" blog.

David Clark is a physician (dermatologist/surgeon), teacher, and writer. He maintains a blog with a tagline “Art, Words, and a Journey of Wonder.” He brings to his writing a wealth of wisdom and knowledge about the world, books, and people, as well as scary skin changes, although not necessarily in that order. One of his recent blog posts just begs to be read simply on the basis of its compelling title: “On the possible benefit of resentment?”

On Adele Konyndyk’s blog, she describes herself as “creative writer, cheese lover, and book devotee.” Her blog has a tagline of “the greater more. the smaller less,” which says a lot about Adele, who is beautiful inside and out. Truly. She is a freelance writer and editor, often writing about social justice issues. Watch for her name online. Her list of published work is growing by leaps and bounds. 

Leslie Leyland Fields is not a new name on this blog (see here and here and here), but she started a new blog a couple months ago called “Far-aField Notes.” Each week she’s posting a short essay with photos and a video greeting. These value-added videos are exceptionally noteworthy because they aren't staged flashy fireside chats, but often candid shots of Leslie battling wind and rain in Kodiak, Alaska, where she lives much of the year, just to say hello. Soon these videos will be coming from her family's commercial fishing camp and could be all the more candid and wild. This past week her post addressed that recent controversial Time cover, you know, the one timed for Mother’s Day. She also has a regular column in Christianity Today called “Stones to Bread.” I will forever count myself lucky (ie, blessed) to have had her as a writing mentor at SPU.

Next Friday, I'll aim to feature a few more names. I hope you'll visit their sites and if you like what you read, tell them, tell someone else.