The serendipitous magic of conference going


My husband is at a work-related conference today and tomorrow. He's looking for what's next for him. I would guess that a substantial proportion of the one thousand or so expected attendees are also looking for what's next. A conference is the place to go for that, because you never know what can happen there. You put yourself in a space vibrating with people and ideas, a sociologic Brownian motion scenario, and you just might encounter someone or something that will change your life. Of course, there are the strategic how-tos of conference attendance – the networking dos and don'ts you can find on a Google search – but following those can't account for the serendipitous, magical, dare I say divinely orchestrated, moments for which you can never plan or sometimes even imagine in advance.

Blessings, this day and every day, on conference goers who move out from their rooms, their offices, their desks, their what's now, and boldly place themselves in position for bumping into what's next.


[Photo: taken of roots on a forest floor.]