766. Thinking in Private


In the current issue of Comment magazine (Summer 2019), Hannah LaGrand, in her piece “Tiny Mind,” writes about the role of thought in a world where we put so much of ourselves online for others to see. How much of one’s thought life should remain private?


Drawing on the writing of Hannah Arendt, LaGrand writes: “The public world of appearances must be rooted in something that does not appear.”

LaGrand goes on to make a critical point, that it’s not only how much of ourselves we put out there, but how much of what everyone else puts out there do we take in? How much opportunity do we give ourselves to think our own thoughts? How much time do we leave “to spaces of unproductivity and wasted time and quiet. It is these dark and dingy spaces in which might find depth.” Her thinking goes along with my thoughts about leisure in Finding Livelihood.

I hope you’ll read the full piece, also online at the Comment website.


[Photo: taken on Lake Sagatagan at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN]