Through the Veil: Lisa Ohlen Harris's memoir-in-essays

hrough the Veil.jpg

Friend Lisa Ohlen Harris came out with her first book this summer. I've been slow to post about it here, as I've been slow to post about much of anything this summer. Work has barreled on despite the sultry summer days, leaving little time for extracurricular writing. I would be remiss, however, to go any longer without making mention of it, highlighting it in bold, on this page.

Through the Veil is a memoir-in-essays. I love that term and what it stands for. A memoir not as in first this happened, and then that happened, but a memoir that comes together as a whole from the many parts Lisa lovingly studied, and shaped, and brought into being. The essays are about her time living in Syria and Jordan in the 1990s and received editorial stamps of approval long before Canon Press gave it theirs. On the copyright page you'll see that a number of these essays have appeared in literary journals, including Under the Sun, Relief Journal, The Laurel Review, The Potomac Review, The Journal, Jabberwock Review, and more, and have received special mention in the Pushcart Prize anthology, Best American Essays, and Best Spiritual Writing.

I've not read the book cover to cover yet, although I've read many of its beautiful essays. I'm looking forward to a warm Fall day when the sun still shines on a patch of grass in my yard where I can park my chair and read it at length. My congratulations to Lisa on this remarkable book, and a heads-up to interested readers that her second manuscript will soon be on its way to lucky potential editors.