662. Tips for writing (aka living)

Tips for writing aka living.png

Readers of this blog may or may not be writers, but I consider that you are all thinking, imaginative individuals who try to pay attention to the inner and outer dimensions of life. That, I think, is our point in common here, or at least one of our key points in common. So whether or not you consider yourself a writer you may be interested in a new thing I’m experimenting with on Pinterest.

[UPDATE: These tips are now on my website. Find them here and also on Instagram.]

I’ve started a board with writing tips, such as the one featured in this post. Yes, they’re tips for writing, but slyly, that means they are also tips for trying to live an attentive life, because writing and living an attentive and intentional life are often one and the same from the perspective of spiritual practice. The quote from the poet Jane Kenyon featured here is an example. Read it and see if doesn't have something for you. It resonates with the gist of my little essay "Saving Your Best Strength" in Just Think. 

In the book The Artist’s Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom by Christine Valters Painter, which I've just started reading, Painter refers to the process of writing or any kind of creative expression as “a container for awareness.” Maybe your container for awareness is a journal, or letters you write to a friend, or simply a catalog of thoughts you process as you go about your daily activities. I think that anything that furthers the process of writing, nearly by definition, furthers the ability to be an aware person, and visa versa. 

I’m hoping you will find something of value on this Pinterest board. So far, I've loaded 13 tips and have more ready to add in the weeks to come, many of which link back to posts on this blog. Here’s the link: https://www.pinterest.com/nancynordenson/advice-for-writers/.

You don’t have to be “on” Pinterest to access these, but if you have a profile, let me know and we can be fellow followers and sharers.  


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