Today, prayers all around

Today, prayers all around.jpg

Today I’m praying for love and grace and healing of all varieties to infuse the circles in which I live and move. A family member will be undergoing surgery. A good friend’s husband will be having an operation for cancer. Two people I love will be battling in court. I’m thinking also of an aquaintance I care about who is hospitalized. And a dear friend who has been waiting far too long for a new employer to call and say “we want you”; maybe today’s the day.

[Here is space to acknowledge all your “todays,” dear readers.]

I like this little “caim” prayer, a prayer of surrounding, from the Celtic Daily Prayer bookYou personalize it within the parentheses. The prayer in the book is longer, but this is the beginning and really, sufficient in itself to carry along on a day of needs.

Circle (name), Lord.
Keep (grace; comfort; hope; or?) near
and (discouragement; despair; danger; or?) afar.
Keep (love; peace; health; or?) within
and (turmoil; anxiety, illness; or?) out.