Unemployment revisited

Unemployment Revisited.png

A recap of my last week's Wednesday through Sunday. Let's begin with this: Wednesday, an announcement: my husband's job was cut. Everyone knows new owners get to choose their own teams and so this one did. Thursday, I went by to say goodbye to the place, bringing a cup of Starbucks coffee and a donut for him as a last office treat. Back out to the car, break down, buck up; I've been in this seat before. A friend sent an email and what I read in her words was, "I see you," written by the God who sees. Friday night, when it was over, we sat under the evening sky and rang out the old and in the new. Heads high, hearts heavy, hoping. Sunday morning, a line in the responsive reading: "The steadfast love of the Lord endures forever." That night, we darkened our house and stood together in the yard to glimpse the red moon.


[Photo: another shot taken while walking in Brooklyn last month; I love this - an angled path across the sidewalk. Fitting.]