669. What to read: book lists

Some readers choose their books in a methodical fashion, stacking them or listing them in the order they shall be read and never deviate from that plan. Other readers go on impulse based on what strikes them on a bookstore shelf or in a recommendation from a trusted source. Most of us probably are somewhere in the middle, having some books planned and others added in as the need or interest arises. Personally, I often follow the bread-crumb approach, in which something from one book prompts the reading of the next book, which prompts the reading of the next book.

In any case, it’s fun and helpful, particularly at the start of a new year, to check out reading lists other readers have assembled to look for titles you also might want to claim. Here are some recent lists I’ve come across that reflect back on 2015:

Books and Culture lists editor John Wilson’s “Favorite Books of 2015.

From Brain Pickings: “The 15 Best Books of 2015.” According to Maria Popova, the woman behind Brain Pickings, this list includes “rewarding reflections on time, love, loss, courage, creativity, and other transformations of the heart.“

The New York Times Book Review editors offer “The 10 Best Books of 2015” and “100 Notable Books of 2015.

"Best Courageous Books of 2015" is a list compiled by Parker Palmer’s Center for Courage and Renewal. This link leads to specific lists of books for everyone, for leaders, for educators, for health care professionals, and for people of faith, as well as books of poetry.

Minnesota Public Radio’s Kerry Miller gathers best book recommendations from critics and readers in this interview, “The Best Books of 2015.

National Public Radio’s “Book Concierge” for 2015’s Great Reads includes an interactive index of 250 titles selected by NPR staff and critics.

Relevant Magazine's offers "Top 10 Books of 2015," compiled by C. Christopher Smith, editor of Englewood Review of Books.

Unfortunately, Finding Livelihood didn’t find its way on to any of these book lists, but you can find it here on the list of nominees for the Minnesota Book Awards, to be selected and announced in April 2016. Fingers crossed.


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