Creative bursts on busy days

Creative bursts on busy days.jpg

The universal commonly accepted advice to write every day, if you call yourself a writer, is impossible to follow sometimes.  Life pushes in and you can't always push back sufficiently to gain the physical, mental, or emotional space to write, particularly if you are writing "after hours."

That's been the case with me the first half of this year - new intense work projects, a son getting married and all the related festivities (finding just the right mother-of-groom dress takes time right?), a family health crisis, car trouble, and so on. In other words, the stuff of life.

The purists would say to get up even earlier, stay up even later, make writing time inviolate. They are right. But it's also right to recognize limitations on time and energy.

In grad school one of the best pieces of advice I got was from poet Madeline DeFrees, advice that has often served me better than "write every  day." (Actually she was the source of numerous pieces of good advice). She suggested that on days when you're swamped with other things, taking the time to jot down a single sentence or thought or even a single word gives you a burst of creative energy that lasts the day. She's right. I've long been convinced of the value of jotting down thoughts that come during the course of the day, but I like this promise of creative energy coming from such jots. Try it!


[Photo is taken during a walk at one of my favorite places.]