Writing to a new song – the start of a project playlist

Writing to a new song – the start of a project playlist.png

Finding Livelihood is launched, and I'm doing my best to help it fly high and strong. But I'm also, in the cracks of time between that and client work (a new deck of PowerPoint slides on MS landed on my desk yesterday), I'm also tending to a next creative writing project. Another project that will someday launch, I hope. For now, though, I'm writing a sentence here and a paragraph there, anticipating they will someday lock together like pieces of a puzzle whose picture I can't yet imagine.

Along the way with this new creative project, I'm experimenting with music as a help. I almost always write without background music, but there have been a handful of pieces that bonded themselves to a song or a couple of songs in the rewrite and editing stages.

Following the model of Carolyn See in her book Making A Literary Life, I'm experimenting with proactively assembling a playlist for this new project. Somewhere I read the suggestion, and I'm sorry I can't remember where, to play music subliminally for an evocative yet unobtrusive effect. As I said, I'm experimenting.

So far only one piece is on the list. Would you like to listen?

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[Photo: taken of a gargoyle on a wall of the American Swedish Institute here in Minneapolis.]