The rejoicing wilderness

The rejoicing wilderness.jpg

If you've been to the Glen Workshop sometime in the last ten years or so you probably know or have met Father David Denny. A former Carmelite monk. Kind, gentle, and wise. I first met him at the Glen but then got to know him when he was a "chaplain" for a few of the residencies in the graduate program I was in. He and Tessa Bielecki founded and now operate "The Desert Foundation," a nonprofit organization that focuses on exploring desert spirituality and building peace between the three Abrahamic traditions that grew out of the desert.

The verse on their newsletter that arrived last week, and also on their website, is from Isaiah 35:

"The desert and the dry land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom."

I'm mentioning it simply to spread the word to any reader here that might have a similar interest to that of Denny or Bielecki. They are always looking for participants or partners, friends of any sort. Their website offers book reviews and reflections, back copies of their newsletter ("Caravans"), and a schedule of classes and retreats. 


Holy Saturday reading

In this issue of The Other Journal, Eric Severson has an essay about Holy Saturday, the "hiatus in the Christian passion story." I read it this morning and while much of it was over my head, I came away with some new things to think about regarding what this mysterious and silent day may be about. You can find "Listening on the Day of Silence: Khora and Holy Saturday" online here.

Image Journal's Twentieth Anniversary Issue

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 I want to spread the word about a tremendous milestone for a wonderful journal. The 20th Anniversary issue of IMAGE (Art, Faith, Mystery) will soon be available on bookstore shelves and mailed to subscribers. Included are contributions by Kathleen Norris, Ron Austin, Robert Cording, Thomas Lynch, Stanley Hauerwas, Valerie Sayers, Makoto Fujimura, Tim Hawkinson, Mary McCleary, Joel Sheesley, Roger Wagner, Ruth Weisberg, Theodore L. Prescott, Wayne Adams, Alfonse Borysewicz, Catherine Prescott, James Romaine, Ron Hansen, Scott Cairns, Franz Wright, Sam Phillips, and more. New subscribers will get this issue FREE. Click here for more info. I've been a subscriber for about four or five years and just renewed so as not to miss an issue, this one in particular.