Can ye appreciate a thee?

I must be getting old. A book that I love, which was originally published in 1970 and which I've owned a copy of since the mid-70's, has now been re-released and "Updated in Today's Language." It's hard to imagine that language that I--as a teenager--could read and appreciate as beautiful a mere three decades ago must now be reinterpreted for the modern reader. Hmmm....Might not there be value in leaving the book as the writer wrote it? Considering the fact that it has been in print since 1970 and has sold a gazillion copies, it seems to me that readers have been able to understand, maybe even like, the ye's and thee's.

The book I'm referring to is Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts. For those of you who may not be familiar with this book, it's a wonderful devotional book, based on Scripture, but written as if God was directly addressing the reader. My copy was given to me by a friend and it still sits in my nightstand and is filled with lots of underlining and post-it notes. A year or so ago I ordered a copy for a gift. Last week I repeated the order at my local bookstore so that I'd have a copy to give as another gift. When I went to pick it up today, however, the book they handed me had a different cover and a notice about the updated language was underneath the title. No, this will not do. The sales clerk was understanding about my disappointment and is redoing the order to get an edition with the original language.

Here is a taste of the original:

I Will Bring the Victory

O My child, have I ever failed thee? Have I ever turned My back upon thee, or forsaken thee? Have I not been thy refuge and thy strong defense?

I have protected thee and kept thee in sickness and in health. Yea, I am with thee to help thee now. Fear not. My purposes will be fulfilled in spite of thy weaknesses, if in thy need ye rely on My strength.

My will shall be done regardless of the flaws in thy life, if ye count upon the power of My righteousness. I do not work only in cases where there are no obstacles; but I glory in over-ruling the prevailing circumstances, and I take pleasure in bringing victories in those places where no victory is anywhere in sight.

Reckon upon My coming. Know that whenever faith brings Me on the scene, everything is changed. Darkness is turned to light. Grief is turned to joy. Sickness to health. Poverty to My sufficient supply. Doubt to faith. Anxiety to trust.

No negative force can occupy the same place as My spirit. When My Spirit comes in, all these things must go. Yea, they shall go!

Ask for the victory, I will come and bring it. Don't look for the victory--look for Me, and ye shall see the victory that I shall bring with Me. After I have come, ye shall behold the miracles that I will do.

Isn't that beautiful?