734. Progress report

734. Progress report.jpg

Those of you who receive my newsletter, Dear Reader, may have already read this, but I wanted to say it here as well. I've recently made some changes to the website I started when my book Finding Livelihood was coming out. A couple months ago I changed the name of the "Finding Livelihood" website to "The Livelihood Project." I think that name is like a dome over the topics I've written most about in books (work/leisure, thinking as spiritual practice) as well as the newer topic of hope, which is my work-in-progress. I also reorganized the content on the website so as to feature those topics, including sorting contents from this blog along those themes.

One of my goals is to start to share more about my current work-in-progress on that website as well as on this blog and others place where I’m online. Back in October I went to a one-day workshop led by Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew on the topic of her new book, Living Revision: A Writer's Craft as Spiritual Practice. Andrew is a beautiful writer who lives here in Minneapolis, and I’ll post more about her book another time. One of her encouragements to us was to write out a key description of what our book-in-progress is about and post it on a bulletin board or tape it to the wall so that it's visible while working. Change it as needed. Keep it in one's mind, particularly when making decisions about the writing. She had us do this exercise during the class. I picked a section from my hope manuscript and I've since posted it at The Livelihood Project website along with a hope-related essay, "Knotted Gossamer," first published at Art House America. Perhaps you will want to take a look. My progress on this manuscript has been slow and often unsteady, but I'm very much trying to give it a significant push forward this year, hopefully to completion. Stay tuned!


[Photo: taken of the fresh snow outside my window this morning]