750. Mary Oliver's Song of the Builders

750. Oliver Song of the Builders.jpg

While on vacation a couple weeks ago and sitting outside a coffee shop on the two-lane highway that runs from Duluth up to Canada, I noticed a free library box off to my right. Inside were a couple of good finds, including a book of Mary Oliver poems, New and Selected Poems, Volume 2. In my book bag in the car I already had a couple volumes of Oliver's essays, which I'd taken along to reread, but I didn't own this book of poetry so added it to my stack of books for the road.

Inside I found this poem, "Song of the Builders." I love its take on work: humility, effort, and hope all merging together to rebuild the universe. Read it and see what you think.

750. Song of the Builders.jpeg


[Photo: taken of a humble and hopeful daisy.]