What I've been working on

What I've been working on.jpg

Here's what I've been working on for the last several years, a manuscript with the working title, A Working Progress: Notes on the Pursuit of Livelihood. I've been writing it mornings and evenings before and after client work, on days in between client projects, on the weekends, and on "vacation" days.

Here's what it looked like in an earlier in-process phase a couple years ago:

What I've been working on2.jpg

In its twenty chapters, I've tried to essay--as in to test the nature of--the subject of "work" with an eye toward making peace and discovering meaning. I got the idea to use the word "progress" in the title when I read Fanny Howe's The Winter Sun: Notes on a Vocation. She writes, “What is a Progress but an account of a series of pitfalls and illuminations leading to revelation?” I love that.