663. When you're dreaming of escape

When youre dreaming of escape.png

This morning I read this quote by Gustave Thibon and then all day waited for the time I could set aside my client work and copy it out for you. This is the kind of thing you may want to read a couple times; I think it’s worth the time. If I had read this while writing Finding Livelihood, I may have tried to find a way to work part of it in to the labyrinth chapter – that chapter about how sometimes it seems we’re going over the same ground again and again, about how staying in place is a pilgrimage too.


“You feel you are hedged in; you dream of escape; but beware of mirages. Do not run or fly away in order to get free: rather dig in the narrow place which has been given you; you will find God there and everything. God does not float on your horizon, he sleeps in your substance. Vanity runs, love digs.”


There is so much beauty of language in those lines. So much wisdom.


[Photo: taken from the passenger seat of a moving car, just before Thanksgiving, of a full moon at twilight over a nearby lake.]